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I'm Joanna, a VA Tech and Automation specialist. Ambitious online coaches rely on me to develop their untapped potential. I will streamline and automate your processes to revolutionize your online business, catapulting it into a realm of boundless profitability and success.

My Focus

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Webinar Set Up

Our top-notch tech and strategy support, guides you every step of the way. We'll handle everything to ensure a seamless delivery of remarkable content. All you have to do is get prepared and show up!


Leave the launch management to us while you focus on creating and fine-tuning the valuable content of your coaching program, course or product. We do the heavy lifting so you can embrace your role as the visionary.

Lead Generation

You've done the hosting for your webinar or launch but what about the leads? Don't worry, once your valuable content is in front of the ideal audience we'll keep a close eye on the metrics and monitor every step of the process for you.

Sample Projects

Sales funnel automations

Identify the target audience and their needs

Create a landing page with a clear call-to-action

Offer a lead magnet to capture email addresses

Nurture leads with relevant content

Make a sales pitch

Follow up with leads who haven't purchased yet

Opt in Forms

Determine the purpose and placement of the form

Work with designer to create a visually appealing and user-friendly form

Offer an incentive for filling out the form

Integrate the form with email marketing software

Test and optimize the form for maximum conversions

Email nurturing

Build an email list

Segment the list based on interests and behaviors

Create targeted and personalized email campaigns

Set up automated email sequences

Test and optimize email campaigns


Welcome new users with a personalized message

Provide a guided tour of the product or service

Offer resources and educational content

Encourage users to take action

Follow up with users who haven't completed onboarding

Zoom recordings

Set up your Zoom account and enable recording

Choose a storage platform for your recordings (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive)

Automate the process of uploading your recordings to your storage platform

Organize and label your recordings for easy access and sharing

Integrate your recordings with other software tools you use, such as your CRM or email marketing software

Onboarding Admin

Identify the necessary documents and resources for onboarding

Create a folder structure for easy access and organization

Automatically populate the folder with relevant content

Grant access to the folder to the appropriate users

Payment Processing

Choose a payment processing platform (e.g. PayPal, Stripe)

Set up payment forms and integrations with your website or landing pages

Automate payment processing and receipt generation

Track payment status and notify customers of payment success

Integrate payment processing with your CRM or email marketing software

Customer relationship management CRM

Identify the key data points to track in your CRM

Integrate your CRM with other software tools you use

Automate data entry and updates

Segment your contacts based on criteria

Set up automated workflows to manage interactions with contacts


Each project includes . . .

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A comprehensive proposal detailing the project steps

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An individual project plan identifying the target areas where automation can facilitate growth within the business

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A strategy session to plan, brainstorm and map out the plan for the project

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A development plan to create and organize procedures providing easy to follow processes

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A growth initiative to implement a long term system and strategy for your VIP offers

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Automation projects start from $500

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Cute Little Hearts

Joanna’s dedication and commitment to excellence have truly gone above and beyond my expectations. Her ability to offer great suggestions and present innovative ideas has been instrumental in driving our success. She excels at delivering change and ensuring the team is well-trained during transitions.

Wayne P - Global Change Lead

Joanna’s ability to see the larger picture is exceptional, allowing her to connect the dots between departments and different areas seamlessly. After working with Joanna our business experienced enhanced cohesion, efficiency, and a newfound sense of direction. She has been an invaluable partner in driving success

Julia S - Project Consultant

Joanna possesses an exceptional talent for suggesting brilliant ideas that have significantly contributed to the success of our team. Her collaborative nature makes her an invaluable team player, always working alongside others to achieve common goals. She excels in implementing and delivering change seamlessly, ensuring the team is well-trained and prepared for any necessary adjustments. Her contributions have been instrumental in our growth and development.

Jenny L, Manager and Team Development


Cute Little Hearts

Joanna makes all the tasks I hate look easy! She is a whiz at all things admin and is always coming up with great ideas to save time. Since we have been working together I have been able to develop a new direction without having to worry about all the behind the scenes stuff.

Peter M, consultant

Joanna was able to identify the bottlenecks, where we were actually wasting resources and helped us to stagger our payment dates with our vendors. We were also able to manage our staff hours better by identifying less busy times and planning better. What a relief! We are now less stressed and on top of all our bills and wages. Our employees also feel better about working for us and it has really improved staff morale. Gavin H, Cafe Owner

Joanna seamlessly grasped the intricacies of my business operations. Her intuitive approach effortlessly streamlined my processes, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity. What truly impressed me was her keen eye for noticing improvements constantly enhancing my business. John L, Program Change Manager

Cute Little Hearts